Since the early 1980's, FOPN has been the committed leader in Eye Care Services to Managed Care Organizations and their valued members, understanding and meeting the needs of each respectively. Our devoted network of private practice physicians and our own advanced HIPAA compliant benefit management system has made FOPN the clear choice of health plans and corporations throughout the state of Florida.

FOPN's focus is managing real benefits in real time to ensure fluent, consistent, and professional benefit administration for the member as well as flexible, accurate, and timely data reporting to the health plan.

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  Our goal as a network of private physicians is to provide and sustain the highest level of "standard of care" in the industry so that as a community of professionals we meet and exceed our patient's vision needs.

We offer online insurance transaction processing, interactive voice response systems, as well as personal assistance to help you better manage and control your practice. Simple* & Efficient** so your time is spent with your patient not with their paper.

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  FOPN is proud to manage a diverse portfolio of vision care plans throughout the state of Florida.

We maintain a vast network of private professional physicians who are fully committed to personally lead you to great eye health with a trained team dedicated to guiding you through the process of meeting your eye care needs.

An extensive network of private professional physicians ensures that a quality provider is conveniently located in a neighborhood or area near you.

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Our key successes at FOPN have been rooted in our ability to effectively build and manage a robust network of quality private physicians to meet the needs of our clients.   Learn More...
Providing continuity at all levels of care.
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